The Sunday Post: Vintage Fairs and Christmas Feelings.

Where to even start?! I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages. I have no excuses apart from saying I have been a busy student, friend and generally person. 
So much has happened since the last time I wrote on this little virtual space of mine. 

Obviously I had a lot of work for college, which kept me working until 12 in the night – and believe me if I say I’m not a night worker – but I never enjoyed work this much, I love my course and what I’m studying, it gets me excited to go to college everyday! 
My mum came to visit during my Halloween week, which was crazy: I finally had a taste of home food and I had a lovely time showing her my city and my student life here – thank you mummy! 
Other things include meeting new people, making new friends, bonding with the ones I had already made, going out at crazy times in the night, visiting galleries and design fairs, getting huge hot dogs at the Christmas German market, shopping in Zara and Victoria’s Secret, going to vintage fairs with my new pal, winning my new friend Rupert the reindeer at a fair and general life and fun. 

Also, I finally signed for a house for next year and I love it! I’m going to live with 10 girls – yes there’ll be a bit of madness going on – in this beautiful english house, right next to my college campus and I have no words for how excited I am: expect a lot of interior themed posts. 

Enough with the rambling, now I’m off to work out and enjoy my well deserved relaxing Sunday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend x